Heartless parking fine for family grieving pet dog

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-140411-145512001

A grieving family have asked parking bosses to have a heart after the death of their beloved pet dog.

Clint Harris from Monkston Park was picking up his daughters from Middleton Primary School just hours 
after he and his wife Nicola had learnt their American bulldog Sasha would have to be put to sleep that 
afternoon because of a serious illness.

But in his rush to collect Kate, 12, and nine-year-old Emma he did not realise he had left his car in a restricted parking area - and was slapped with a £35 fine.

Clint said: “It was the most awful day, Sasha is part of the family, and we wanted the girls to see her before she went to sleep. We had to be at the vets’ for 4pm, and I just didn’t see the sign.

“I know we did wrong, but if the sign was 8ft high I wouldn’t have seen it. But the council say we can either pay £35, or appeal after the fine has gone up to £70. It’s the principle that’s wrong.”

A council spokesman said: “We must ensure consistency when applying parking tickets when any vehicle is in contravention of parking 

“There is an appeal 
process for anyone who has received a parking ticket”

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