‘It’s time for an independent look at the MK’s chiefs’

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Milton Keynes’ healthcare system needs a major external review before it goes bankrupt, it is claimed.

Councillor Nigel Long, council cabinet member and Labour health spokesman, made the call this week after learning that the local health system is on course to lose £31million a year by 2018-19.

He said: “There needs to be a review of spending by the CCG, and it needs to be the National Audit Office that does it.

“We also need the council and MPs to join forces and talk to the Health Minister about why Milton Keynes’ health service is underfunded. This needs to be a proper discussion, not just photo opportunities about A&E.

“And as the increase in our population in Milton Keynes isn’t being met by growth in our health budget, the government should step in and pay the CCG’s budget deficit.”

Mr Long’s comments come in light of the on-going £3.2million review of health in Milton Keynes and Bedford.

This precedes a major overhaul of healthcare in both areas, and is expected to mean a “major downgrade” at least one of the two hospitals’ A&E department.

Mr Long also made reference to the recent resignation of the CCG’s chief officer.

He said: “There are deep concerns about the previous chief officer; that suggests the organisation wasn’t being run properly.

“We need to ensure the CCG leadership is credible and effective.”