Learn more about dementia at hospital event

No smoking signs at MK hospital'''Wk 7   MPMC
No smoking signs at MK hospital'''Wk 7 MPMC

Visitors to Milton Keynes Hospital on Wednesday will have the chance to learn more about dementia.

Volunteers from the Alzheimer’s Society will be in the main entrance of the hospital from 9am to 3pm as part of Dementia Awareness Week. People will be encouraged to pick up leaflets, ask questions and fill in a short survey about their attitudes to dementia.

Sally Easton, who works in the hospital’s audiology department but also volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Society, organised the event to help patients, visitors and staff gain a greater understanding of dementia.

Hazel Reynolds, the Alzheimer’s Society campaign group lead in Milton Keynes, said: “Only 40 per cent of people in Milton Keynes with dementia have been formally diagnosed. Diagnosis is important as it means people can access the treatment and services that can help them to live well with dementia. Talking is the first step to getting more people the support they need.”

A similar event will also be running at the community kiosk in the centre:mk from 9.30am to 4pm on Saturday.