Marathon effort lands runners in A&E due to heat

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A dozen unlucky marathon runners ended up in A&E – because the weather was simply too hot.

The runners were suffering with heat exhaustion after the soaring temperatures caught them unawares.

The vast majority of the 3,000 plus runners coped well and saw the sunny skies as a bonus.

A&E matron Jacqueline Burnett, confirmed: “We had 12 marathon runners in A&E on Monday, most of them with dehydration and heat exhaustion.

“They would have felt faint, suffered from nausea, had headaches – they wouldn’t have felt well at all.

“Some of them even needed resus care, they simply passed out. “

Sympathetic staff put patients on IV fluids, gave them pain relief if required,and monitored them for a while.

Ms Burnett added: “The weather took people by surprise. Last year we were worried about runners getting hypothermia.

“Runners prepare for cold and wet weather, but not for the heat. They do most of their training outdoors, so they are not acclimatised properly.

“They also massively underestimated how much they needed to drink.

“It is putting an extra demand on your body, and your body just can’t keep up. It is very easy for your body to get dehydrated. Even if you are just sitting in the garden, you need to drink more, so it is particularly important if you are running a marathon.”

Despite having more marathon runners than expected, the A&E team did “fantastically well,” said Ms Burnett.