Mental health services investigation

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A firm which provides mental health services across Milton Keynes is being investigated by a national health regulator.

Central North West London (CNWL) NHS Foundation Trust is being invesitgated nationally after concerns when one of its Milton Keynes sites was inspected.

The Campbell Centre in Standing Way was originally visited by the Care Quality Commission in April 2013. Some concerns were raised then and an action plan was put in place, but when inspectors returned in November they still had concerns.

Health regulator Monitor is now investigating the company on a wider basis, to establish whether the concerns raised indicate wider problems with how the trust is run.

Victoria Woodhatch, senior regional manager at Monitor, said: “We have decided to open an investigation at the Trust to identify if there are any problems with the way the trust is run that would prevent it providing high quality care for patients.

“Our investigation will take a very close look at the issues highlighted by the CQC; and we will take regulatory action if required.”

CNWL runs more than 150 sites across London and the south of England, including 10 in Milton Keynes.

CNWL chief executive Claire Murdoch said: “This is healthy. No Trust wants to feel that it is failing or not doing a good job and we are no exception! That said, we face up to issues when they are raised – we are conscientious.

“When something is not as good as it should be questions come into people’s minds about how strong our systems are, especially in a complex organisation; the unspoken question for some is whether our eyes were off the ball.

“The Monitor process is actually a good way for our systems to be checked, refreshed, and even strengthened. I’m sure we have good answers for Monitor; our job is to show them that’s the case.”

The Milton Keynes sites include:

*Buckinghamshire Priority Dental Service, which offers special care dentistry & treatment for people unable to access a general dental practitioner;

*Cherrywood Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit, which provides short-term residential rehabilitation to help service users return to independent living;

*Hazel Ward, Willow Ward: The Campbell Centre, a 38-bed inpatient unit for people with mental health problems;

*Health care services at HMP Woodhill;

*Jubilee House, a six-bed inpatient service providing step-down recovery placements for people with a diagnosis of learning disabilities;

*The Mental Health Hospital Liaison Team at Milton Keynes Hospital, offering integrated care for patients who have physical and mental health problems;

*Milton Keynes Acute Home Treatment Team, which provides intensive support to people with mental health problems in their homes;

*Milton Keynes Adult Hearing Service, which provides hearing screenings and checks the ear health of individuals aged over 16;

*Milton Keynes Adult Speech and Language Therapy Inpatient Service;

*Milton Keynes Adult Speech and Language Therapy Outpatient and Community Services.