Mum offers help for people with serious allergies


A city mum who has to scrutinise everything her daughter eats has set up a support group for people dealing with life threatening allergies.

Kerry Azhar’s daughter Amirah, who is three, is severely allergic to milk, eggs, nuts, sesame and sunflower seed.

If she inadvertently eats any of these foods she could go into anaphylactic shock without urgent medication.

Said Kerry: In the beginning you worry that anything they eat could threaten their life.

“Helping others is, for me, a great way to regain some of the control you feel you’ve lost and provide some tangible support to those who are finding it hard to cope.”

Kerry, who lives in Wolverton, has set up her support group in conjunction with the Anaphylaxis Campaign, which is the only UK-wide charity to help people with allergies.

It is believed between five per cent and eight per cent of children, and up to four per cent of adults, suffer extreme reactions to certain foods.

Said Kerry: “ Living with severe allergies, whether allergic yourself or as a carer for someone with anaphylaxis, can be really difficult and have a profound impact on your daily life.”