No hands dad is a sporting hero

hand and feet man Bahman
hand and feet man Bahman

A FATHER-OF-FOUR who lost his hands and feet after cheating death could be carrying the torch for the 2012 Paralympics.

Bahman Jamalaldini had such a serious bout of meningitis 10 months ago that doctors had to amputate both hands at the wrist and both feet just above the ankle.

But the 51-year-old, far from being despondent, was simply delighted he had survived.

And ever since he has lived life to the full, amazing doctors at the speed he learned to master his prosthetic limbs.

Already the former learning difficulties assistant has won two medals at the Amputee Games for swimming and rifle shooting.

He has set his sights on competing at the Paralympic Games and is hoping to be chosen as a torch bearer.

Incredibly, despite his false hands, he has also discovered a passion for painting.

This week Bahman is warning other people to beware of the signs of deadly meningococcal meningitis, which leads rapidly to septicemia.

“It is a very serious disease and can kill within hours, so it is vital that medical attention is sought as soon as possible, as immediate antibiotics are life-saving,” he said.

Bahman was rushed to Milton Keynes Hospital just before Christmas. After initially feeling unwell with aching joints and vomiting, he suddenly developed a spreading purple rash and breathing problems.

Within 30 minutes of arrival his family were warned to prepare for the worst.

But against all odds Bahman pulled through, although the septicemia caused irreparable damage to his hands and feet.

“The team in A&E saved my life,” he said. “No words can express my appreciation and gratitude towards everyone involved in my care, which was amazing.”

Now busy Bahman continues to visit the hospital regularly – but as a showcase for doctors at clinical seminars.

Hospital consultant Dr Bill Smith said: “Mr Jamalaldini is a remarkable person with a very positive attitude. With excellent support from his family he has made astonishing progress.”