Pharmacy First now in place across Milton Keynes ENGPNL00320140131064624 ENGPNL00320140131064624

A scheme encouraging people to use their local pharmacy rather than unnecessarily visiting their GP or A&E has now been rolled out across Milton Keynes.

MK Pharmacy First is educating people to go to their local pharmacy first for common conditions such as coughs, diarrhoea and hay fever.

Pharmacists have in-depth knowledge of all medicines which GPs prescribe and wide experience of over-the-counter medicines too, so they can help anyone seeking advice about health issues.

Another advantage of going to your local pharmacy first is that pharmacies are open longer than GP surgeries and are in convenient locations. If the pharmacist can’t help then he or she will advise where is the best place to go.

All pharmacies in Milton Keynes are running the scheme and to encourage more people, and particularly parents of young children, to ask for help from their pharmacist, many pharmacies are offering the chance to win a teddy bear. All you need to do is fill out an entry slip with your name and contact details. On May 31, the pharmacist will announce the winner.

If you already receive free prescriptions, then certain over-the-counter medications are also available free of charge under the MK Pharmacy First so do check with the pharmacist first before buying anything.