Plumber pipes up about his charity-aiding 10 stone weight-loss

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When plumber Richard Graham decided to hit the gym with his cousin four months ago in time for his 30th birthday, he had no idea he would be begining an award-winning health kick.

Because after struggling to fit into aeroplane seats and a string of deadly health warning from doctors, Richard had vowed to turn his lifestyle around. And the Dad-of-three’s intensive regime of healthy eating and excercise meant that he lost the equivalent weight of all of his children in the process.

He lost more than 10 stone from his 26 stone 4 oz frame, and has been named PT Hero 2014 by members of the Milton Keynes David Lloyd gym.

Richard said: “It’s certainly changed our whole lifestyle as a family. I’m far more conscious of what we eat and the kids are always copying me, trying to do press-ups.

“Doctors told me I’d have a heart attack by 40 if I didn’t make a change - I wanted to make sure I would be there for them.”

Richard lost 14 inches from his waistline with his health regime, which included daily training sessions at 6am and swapping convenience food for slimming snacks.

And when he won a a year’s gym membership for his efforts he donated ot to a local charity close to his heart.

Richard said: “The Henry Allen Trust is a great cause - one of my sons is named Henry and was born two days after Henry Allen, so I feel like there’s a connection.”

“I’m still training five times a week, and my next challenge is this Sunday when I’ll take on The Swanbourne Endeavour, a 10k cross-country endurance race, in aid of The Henry Allen Trust.”