Post at Willen Surgery left unanswered for more than two weeks

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NHS England has washed its hands of any responsibility after potentially important post was left lying untouched for more than a week at the closed Willen Village Surgery.

An envelope with “Diagnostic Specimens, Category B, Store in Fridge on Arrival or Until Tested” was among the letters, but NHS England said it contained empty plastic diagnostic pots to be used for testing and sampling.

Former patient, Natasha Henderson, said: “I went past there on Tuesday and the post was still there with more added on top. It must be two weeks since it was last collected.

“It is sad to see what has happened to the surgery. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July last year and I credit them with finding it.”

A spokesman for NHS England, said: “The bulk of the rest of the post is for Dr Lobo and is marked private and confidential. Some items are addressed to the practice manager and GPs who had previously left the practice.

“The premises are the property of Dr Ron Carter and not NHS England. Dr Carter as the owner is entitled to have his post sent there and retrieve as his convenience.”