Seventeen doctors battle for baby’s life

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Meet baby Corey – the tiny miracle who owes his life to the Magnificent Seventeen.

For that is the number of doctors it took to save the tot from dying in a real-life A&E drama.

The team of 17 worked non -stop for five nail-biting hours as Corey lay grey, stiff and unresponsive.

When even their combined expertise seemed to falter, they arranged a live link with critical care specialists from Southampton, who relayed instructions down the telephone line.

Corey was only two weeks old when he was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis, an overly small opening from his stomach to his small intestine.

After surgery at a hospital elsewhere, his parents Leah Cording-Wright and Dave Perry thought the problem was over and brought him home to Milton Keynes.

But less than 24 hours later Corey was struggling to breathe and they rushed him to A&E.

Doctors realised there had been an accidental internal tear during surgery – and it meant that Corey’s life was in grave danger.

Consultant paediatrician James Bursell was shocked when he saw how ill the baby looked.

“I thought it was very unlikely that he would make it,” he admitted.

But Mr Bursell refused to give up hope and called more and more doctors to help stabilise Corey and carry out complex emergency surgery.

Leah and Dave waited helplessly as the mammoth team of doctors battled on regardless of time ticking away.

“They were working on him for hours. It was a very frightening time,” said Leah.

But words can’t explain how grateful we are that his life was saved. We can’t ever thank Milton Keynes hospital enough,” she added.

Dave said: “They worked their magic – they did a fantastic job. They explained everything to us and we were able to be there the whole time. They kept reassuring us.”

After the drama Corey, who has a five-year-old brother, went from strength to strength.

He is now a bouncing five-old-month old who is feeding and growing well.

This week he and his parents paid a special visit to the hospital to thank the magnificent seventeen in person.

“He had a very special smile for everybody who helped save him,” said a hospital spokesman.