Sewage plant has smelly problems

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A ‘stomach upset’ at the city’s sewage plant has caused a real stink for hundreds of residents.

A problem with one of Cotton Valley’s anaerobic digester machines, which works in the same way as a human stomach, is resulting in ‘periodic odorous gas releases’, say experts.

This week the wind was blowing the smell in the direction of Broughton, where it is so bad that residents feel sick.

“The smell is obnoxious. We have had to shut all the windows in our house. I ventured out to lock my car and came in feeling sick,” said one.

Previously the odour was blowing across Willen Lake and a faint whiff was even detected at the council offices in Central Milton Keynes.

Anglian Water bosses have apologised for the problem and say they are working hard to clear the air.

A spokesman said: “Anaerobic digestors work in a very similar way to a stomach. We put food in them and anaerobic bacteria break the food down, producing by-products such as gas and water.”

The “sick” digester is producing thick foam that clogs pipes and leaks over the plant.

Said the spokesman: “If we get a stomach upset we do not feel like eating.... we may need a propietary ‘pick-me-up’ containing various salts and minerals to aid our recovery.

“Digesters behave in much the same way. We are doing everything we can to speed its recovery, including dosing with booster chemicals.”

Milton Keynes Council is working with Anglian Water to resolve the issues.