‘Stressful’ time for patients after sudden closure of Willen Village Surgery

Willen Village Surgery
Willen Village Surgery

Patients at Willen Village Surgery have spoken out after it closed down suddenly on Friday morning.

A warning notice was put up in the waiting room on Friday telling people the surgery had closed.

Willen Surgery

Willen Surgery

A letter was also sent to homeowners in the area, but many patients did not receive it until Saturday.

The letter said Dr Agnelo Lobo had resigned his contract ‘with effect from the 14th April 2013’.

It added: “As a single handed practice this will mean that the contract Dr Lobo holds with NHS England will terminate on this date.

“Unfortunately, due to time limitations and restrictions on the use of the building at Willen Village Surgery, NHS England has no option but to allocate and register patients with other practices in the surrounding area.”

But patients were baffled as to why the news came so late – and have questioned what will happen to the building now.

Speaking on Friday morning, one told the Citizen: “I’d heard nothing before I went in to collect a prescription this morning to find them packing up.

“Fortunately I don’t need a doctor at the moment, but what about the people here that do? I think the way it’s been done is disastrous.”

And Annie Beddoe emailed this newspaper to say: “All I can say is I am totally disgusted to be informed in this way.”

Another caller, who did not want to be named, said he had been a patient at the surgery for 25 years, adding that the building had been constructed specifically as a health centre.

“What will happen to it now?,” he added.

And readers on our Facebook page have also questioned the sudden decision.

Tracey Smith wrote: “Yes (I am a patient) and so are my elderly parents who have been moved to a surgery that they cannot access due to inappropriate disabled access.

“It’s ridiculous, very stressful for elderly people. I am worried about the impact of this on my parents’ health.”

Crofy Smith said: “(They’ve) moved us to a surgery miles away.

“Dr Lobo was a good doctor too.”

Clare Mann wrote: “Got a letter in the post this morning, a few days ago I got an email reminder that my son’s prescription needs renewing, he is on regular medication.

“Now we’ve been allocated a surgery that have never met him before.”

Caroline Harris said: “My mum was working there – cleaning. She was told on Thursday that they were closing. Then on Friday, it closed.

“She doesn’t know if she will get paid.”

And Charlotte Urmson added: “This is a right mess by Willen Village Surgery.

“I only found out by someone from antenatal calling me. My 16-week-old is due her jabs on Tuesday and I haven’t got a clue where to take her.

“I went and spoke to the reception on Friday and all the furniture etc was being moved out...

“This really is unacceptable and when you ring the number that’s on the note on the door they can’t help either, which is really frustrating.”

Former patients at the surgery will now be divided up between four different practices, depending on their surname.

The division will happen as below:

Surname A-C: Kingfisher Surgery, Elthorne Way, Newport Pagnell, MK16 0JR. Tel: 01908 618265

Surname D-O: Broughton Gate Health Centre, Glyn Valley Place, Broughton Gate, Milton Keynes, MK10 7EF. Tel: 01908 874444

Surname P-V: Oaxridge Park Medical Centre, 30, Textel Close, Oakridge Park, Milton Keynes, MK14 6GL. Tel: 0844 5769987 (low rate)

Surname W-Z: Purbeck Health Centre, Purbeck, Stantonbury, MK14 6BL. Tel: 01908 318989