Suspended doctor is still paid in full after two years

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Cash-strapped Milton Keynes Hospital is paying a full salary to a surgeon who has been suspended for the past two years, the Citizen can reveal

Talib Al -Mishlab has been under investigation by the General Medical Council since early in 2011.

Since then he has been receiving his full salary of around £85,000 a year.

It is understood the GMC was originally alerted after serious complaints were received from Mr Al-Mishlab’s patients, some of whom were threatening legal action.

Though classed as a general surgeon, he specialises in colorectal and laparoscopic operations.

Mr Al-Mishlab also carried out private surgery at Saxon Clinic at the time of his suspension.

This week the clinic confirmed he was not working there “at the moment.”

Meanwhile there is no sign of an end to the GMC investigation.

Last September a panel imposed a series of conditions, which included a ban on Mr Al-Mishlab carrying out colorectal surgery without “close supervision”.

A GMC spokesman said: ”This is an interim measure while the investigation continues. It could eventually end in a full Fitness to Practice hearing, but no date has yet been set.”

Strangely Mr Al-Mishlab’s name still appears on the hospital’s website as a consultant.

A spokesman this week confirmed: “This doctor continues to be employed and is currently excluded from practice in accordance with Trust policies and procedures.”