‘This is not child abuse – it is eczema’

A city mum has told how cruel strangers have branded her toddler daughter “disgusting” and “mucky” because of her sore and peeling skin – when actually she suffers from eczema.

Kerry Azhar is repeatedly approached by strangers who tell her off for three-year-old daughter Amirah’s appearance.

Amirah has eczema and can sometimes end up covered in a bright red and painful rash – but despite this is a cheerful little girl who attends nursery.

Now Mrs Azhar, 28, has revealed the isolation, taunts and heartache the family has suffered from people who do not understand the skin condition.

Shockingly, strangers have asked Mrs Azhar if she has deliberately injured her daughter.

And she has been asked not to take the tot to other children’s homes because the parents do not know what to feed her.

Mrs Azhar now wants to stop the prejudice and assure people she is NOT abusing her daughter.

She said: “A supermarket manager once stopped me to ask what I’d done. She thought I had burnt my daughter. I was mortified and walked away in tears.

“Another time Amirah had a rash around her lips and cheeks and a taxi driver gave me a tissue and told me to wipe her face as if it was mucky”

She said other parents have dragged their children away because they think the condition is catching.”

She and Amirah’s dad Dean monitor Amirah’s diet meticulously and carry a “tool box” of medication.

“I want people to understand the stigma often attached to children suffering skin conditions like eczema.

“They should be more sensitive to them and supportive of their families doing their best to treat their kids,” she said.