VIDEO: Staff striking at Milton Keynes Hospital

Milton Keynes Hospital staff went on strike today over the government’s refusal to sanction a one per cent pay increase.

Members of 11 different trade union were protesting from 8am-midday, and they will continue their action throughout the week by working to rule, specifically by taking their scheduled breaks and not working unpaid overtime.

Staff striking at Milton Keynes Hospital

Staff striking at Milton Keynes Hospital

Emergency and urgent care was still provided on Monday morning, but pre-booked appointments and procedures were affected.

The strike, which took place in hospitals across England, was prompted by a government-imposed pay freeze; the government rejected a recommended one per cent pay rise for the current year and has said that there will be no increase in 2015. The pay freeze will have been imposed for four out of five years. MPs are due to receive a nine per cent pay rise next year.

See Ben Raza speaking to striking staff on Natalee Hazelwood’s video, and comment below with your opinion.