‘We can’t wait for new A&E - we need the money now’

Milton Keynes Hospital
Milton Keynes Hospital

Milton Keynes Hospital needs a new A&E now and NOT in several years’ time, following the latest critical report by health bosses.

The MK Labour Party have made the call after Monitor, which regulates health across England, said the hospital had “failed to fully address existing concerns” about its finances and A&E.

Although the hospital has plans for a new £21 million A&E department the government hassaid they will not take any decisions on the venture until after the MK/Bedford Health Review is completed.

However this report will not be completed until summer 2015 at the earliest, leaving plans for the new A&E facing years of delay.

Andrew Pakes, Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Milton Keynes South, said: “We have an amazingly dedicated NHS team in Milton Keynes but they are being let down by the lack of investment in the facilities needed at the hospital.

“The £21million needed to create a new, larger A&E unit fit for the size of Milton Keynes, around £100 per person in the borough, is nothing compared to the £3billion spent by the government on its controversial NHS shake-up. Even with its recent patch-up, A&E services face a tough few months with winter predicted to be much worse than last year.

“There is cross-party agreement locally that we need a larger, more suitable A&E at Milton Keynes Hospital. The only block on progress is the government which has refused to back any plans before the Milton Keynes Health Review has repeated.

“It is time the city worked together to convince the government to release the investment now so that we can get on with the job of building a modern hospital ready for a growing population. The time for talking is over, we need to put pressure on Ministers to recognise the urgency of our case. Other cities are great at fighting for the resources and services they need. We need to be much more ambitious and start banging the drums louder for Milton Keynes.”

Mr Pakes is currently working with Milton Keynes Council leader Pete Marland and cabinet member for health, Nigel Long, to put together a lobby of government to support the investment.

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