Wheely good news at MK Hospital

Patients and staff at Milton Keynes Hospital will be able to benefit from 21 new wheelchairs.

Funded by the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity the wheelchairs will mean staff and visitors can get patients from one location to another more quickly and efficiently.

They will fill the nine wheelchair points that have recently been placed across the hospital, and will help to make the job of the support team easier.

Marc Yerrell, Support Team Supervisor, said: “Every wheelchair user in the hospital will benefit from the new wheelchairs, and thousands of patients will benefit in the future. This is a real game changer for the hospital and I am very pleased to have had the support of the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity in providing the funding. This will really help us to get the basics right for both patients and staff and is a great demonstration of the forward thinking of the hospital.”

Vanessa Holmes, Fundraising Manager at the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity said: “The new wheelchairs are going to make a huge difference to patient care and I am thrilled that the charity was involved with this project. It is great to know that we will be able to play a part in providing excellent patient care for the future.”

If individuals or companies would like to support the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity please contact Fundraising Manager Vanessa Holmes, on 01908 826690 or email fundraising@mkhospital.nhs.uk.