Woman desperate for CCTV system

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A wheelchair-bound woman is desperate for new equipment to be installed in her home to make her feel safer when she answers the door.

The woman, who we are referring to only as Kez for security reasons, suffers with Muscular Dystrophy which sees her cared for by boyfriend Nicky. The disease affects her arms and legs and four years ago she lost the ability to walk.

Currently, when someone visits her Stantonbury home they press a buzzer, before Kez presses 1 on the phone to open the door.

She said: “There is a big risk there at the door and I just need something to help, even if it is CCTV. It is easier for an able bodied person to say I don’t deserve it when they’re not in this situation.”

Councillor Margaret Burke is trying to help but the house is managed by Habinteg, not Milton Keynes Council.

A Habinteg spokesman said: “We have no record of having received any correspondence or information regarding the installation of a video door entry system from any tenants in Jacobs Close.

“If a tenant wishes to contact us directly we would be happy to carry out our own assessment.”