HELL HOLE: Milton Keynes shamed for having one of the UK’s worst roads

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A city road has been branded one of the worst in the UK – despite the council borrowing £50million to fix potholes.

Although £1.3million has been spent on the A509 in Olney since January 2012, there have been 123 compensation claims made since.

Not only is it a bump in the road for city drivers, but it is also a dent in MK Council’s bank balance. £88,504 has been spent between January 2012 and July 2014 – and payouts are set to DOUBLE in two years.

But council bosses say the number of compensation claims have fallen dramatically recently.

Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North, said: “As I live in Olney it’s a road I use most days.

“It is bad, although having had £50million from government to fix pot holes, and with it being one of the main arterial routes into the city, I see no reason why Milton Keynes Council shouldn’t address the problem.”

The research was gathered from a Freedom of Information Act by insurance firm Liverpool Victoria.

A total of 143 councils across the country revealed pesky potholes have cost more than £5million in claims since 2012 and payouts have soared by up to a quarter in the past year nationally.

MK Council say the £50million loan will be spent over five years to improve carriageways, footways and pay for the resurfacing of highways.

Money began to be invested in April 2013 and since then just over 5.5kms of the A509 has been resurfaced as part of the city-wide project.

A council spokesman said: “We do not accept that the A509 is today one of the worst roads in the country.

“These figures cover the period from 2012 onwards and it is an historic picture.

“We recognised we needed to take action in 2012 and since the £1.3million investment, claims have fallen dramatically from a peak in 2012/13 of 91 claims down to 20 claims in 2013/14 and so far this year there have been just 12 claims.”

The council spokesman could not confirm when the £50million loan would be repaid.