Help Ben get into space with Lynx

Ben Rozitis
Ben Rozitis

Ben Rozitis needs your votes to help him realise a lifelong dream - to go into space.

Deodorant company Lynx are currently holding a competition to potentially send the winner up into space.

Ben, who works at the Open University, needs as many votes as he can to get into the top 200, allowing him to progress on to the next stage.

There, Ben will be put through a series of physical and mental challenges to see if he has what it takes. The top four in the county will then progress to the next round.

The prize for winning the Lynx Apollo competition is to go to Global Space Camp in Orlando, Florida. There, the potential astronauts will compete against each other for a trip 103 km up with space tourism company SpaceXC.

“It has been my dream to go into space since I was about 10 years old,” said Ben.

“From when I first picked up an astronomy book, I was hooked and wanted to know everything I could about it.

“I studied physics with space science and technology at university, and did my PhD at the OU.

“I’ve done zero gravity flights before but going into space will be an entirely different experience.

“All people have to do is visit the website, put in a few details and vote for me. If I get in the top 200, I’ll go on to the next stage of the competition.”

To vote for Ben, visit Voting ends at the end of the month.

> For a video of the Lynx Apollo space simulator at Asda last week click here