Help is at hand to kick the habit


Do you or someone you know want help giving up smoking?

NHS Milton Keynes has a brand new local rate phone number available to help you kick the habit.

Evidence shows you are four times more likely to give up smoking with NHS support.

Chrissie Worth-Miller, Health Improvement Specialist, said: “Many people from Milton Keynes are quitting smoking with the help of Milton Keynes Stop Smoking Service.  We have skilled NHS trained advisors who provide one to one support, advice and encouragement. We have a quit rate higher than the national average and more and more people in Milton Keynes are achieving their aim of quitting smoking with our help.

“Our service is delivered through GP practices and local pharmacies, we can offer you an appointment within five days or often you can be seen in a pharmacy without an appointment. The service is available outside of normal office hours and on Saturdays and Sundays.

“We are also able to provide stop smoking support within workplaces so if you are a local employer please contact us.

“Even though it is now February, it is never too late to start your new year’s resolution. Giving up smoking will improve your health and save you money.”

For support to stop smoking contact 0845 200 2323.

More information and advice is also available on the NHS Milton Keynes Stop Smoking Service website at the website