‘Help me find my attackers’: Victim sends out warning after brutal assault

Badly beaten Christie Harris PNL-150818-113214001
Badly beaten Christie Harris PNL-150818-113214001

A young woman who is still undergoing facial reconstruction surgery three months after a brutal assault says she is desperate to see her attackers jailed.

Christie Harris suffered a serious head injury when three men followed her out of a nightclub in Xscape after a night out with friends. She had three teeth knocked out and needed four stitches in her mouth.

Christie, 25, said: “I am still recovering from this horrific attack, but as it stands, no one has yet come forward to help me with my case.

“My attacker is still out on the streets of Milton Keynes - and I can’t go out again until they are caught.”

On May 22, Christie headed out to Revolutions for a night out with close friends. After leaving the club alone to catch a taxi in the early hours of the morning, Christie was cornered by three men - and punched in the head four times by the ringleader.

This week, the 25-year-old wants to send out a warning to other young girls to stop this happening again - and is pleading for witnesses to come forward.

She said: “I’m a nice girl who has never been in trouble, but now I can’t go out in Milton Keynes anymore.

“So make sure you do not walk alone anywhere. Xscape is a really busy place, but it still happened to me.

“I just want to put this horrible experience behind me.

“I do not want to be jumpy every time I am out of the house - I just want to live like a normal 25-year-old woman.”

> Thames Valley Police are continuing with their investigation.

The first man is black, short and wore a red t-shirt.

The second is black, broad and was wearing a dark blue shirt.

The third offender is black and was wearing a black leather jacket.

If you can help with the investigation, call police on 101.