Help Milton Keynes travel around the world for a good cause

Residents in Milton Keynes have been challenged to run, walk and cycle 25,000 miles '“ the distance around the world '“ to help local charity Action4Youth. Kicking off next Wednesday, Beat the Street is a giant walking and cycling initiative that will see thousands of people race across Milton Keynes to collect points and win prizes.

Monday, 23rd January 2017, 2:06 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd January 2017, 2:08 pm

Schools, businesses and community groups will be competing against each other to see who can win up to £400 worth of sport and fitness equipment but now players will also be able to help a good cause by taking part in Beat the Street.

Intelligent Health, who are delivering Beat the Street, will be donating up to £750 to MK charity Action4Youth if local players race around the world and travel 25,000 miles during the seven-week challenge.

The closer residents get to the target distance, the more money that goes to Action4Youth - if 50 per centof target is reached then £325 will be donated, if players reach the target then the full £750.

The money will go to Action4Youth to help them to give local children and young people inspiring experiences, challenges and life skills, no matter what their background, ability or disability.

Jenifer Cameron, Action4Youth chief executive said: “Action4Youth’s work is all about giving young people transformational experiences, getting active and rising to challenges.

“We are proud to be the chosen charity for Beat the Street as it encourages people of all ages and abilities to challenge themselves and get fit.”

Councillor Liz Gifford, said: “The aim of Beat the Street is to encourage people to walk, cycle and explore their local area.

“Milton Keynes has lots of parks and attractions to explore on foot or by cycling around the redways but now by playing Beat the Street you can help local charity Action4Youth.

“With the game just one week away, make sure you pick up your Beat the Street card, found your nearest Beat Boxes on your map and started planning walking and cycling journeys across Milton Keynes.

“Let’s help Milton Keynes travel around the world.”

For more information how to get involved in Beat the Street – visit