Help to come in from the cold

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Plenty of us moan about stepping out into the winter chill, and long to head home after a long day at work and turn up the central heating during these winter months.

But what if you don’t have a home?

Uncompromising weather isn’t something you dash in and out of then.

Instead it is a harsh reality for those forced to exist in the elements.

One Milton Keynes charity helping to make a difference is Winter Night Shelter MK.

For the third consecutive year the shelter is providing support through the three coldest months of the year – December, January and February.

Dozens of rough sleepers have already taken advantage of a bed for the night and a hot meal.

Users of the service are called guests, and concregate at a Reception Cafe in CMK when the temperatures drop and the light fades.

They are offered warm drinks and then transported to an overnight venue .

“We operate out of a number of venues across Milton Keynes run by volunteers to make sure homeless rough sleepers are brought in from the cold and provided a bed for the night, a hot meal and some company,” chairman Richard Wightman explained.
“There is even a cooked breakfast in the morning.”

Sleeping on the streets during the inclement weather can drastically affect health and well being – and in severe cases can lead to death, which prompted the launch of the Winter Night Shelter.

Those providing the service work hard to find long term resolutions for its users.

“We don’t only give our guests a bed for the nitght, we work with them to help them in other ways, like finding more settled accommodation and we have placed over two dozen guests so far,” added director Brenda Mosedale.