Hero captain receives long awaited MBE

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Captain Jerry Roberts met the Queen for a second time on Thursday as he picked up his well-deserved MBE.

Captain Roberts was rewarded for his services to the work of Bletchley Park and Codebreaking and, as he received the honour he said she remembered their previous encounter when The Queen visited Bletchley Park in July 2011.

On that day she unveiled a memorial to the veterans.

The 92-year-old said: “Her Majesty said: ‘I remember you, we met at Bletchley Park .’ I said yes, that was a red letter day for us. She asked four or five questions and we talked for several minutes, all the time with that beautiful smile. She has such a warm and friendly smile.”

Captain Roberts was one of four founding members of the Testery, the team tasked with breaking Germany’s highest-level cipher system, Lorenz, which was known to the codebreakers as Tunny.

The next in-line to receive his honour from the Queen was another British hero – long jump gold medallist Greg Rutherford.