Hero neighbours rescue OAP from burning kitchen

John and Noreen Pell
John and Noreen Pell

Two hero neighbours were involved in a dramatic rescue yesterday when they pulled a 94-year-old pensioner from his burning kitchen.

Noreen and John Pell were alerted after smelling smoke coming from the pensioner’s house in Cantle Avenue, Downs Barn.

They alerted another neighbour who had a spare key and opened the door to billowing smoke. Mrs Pell ran into the kitchen where the man had been cooking sausages and quickly pulled him to safety. Said Noreen: “I couldn’t just leave him there.

“I didn’t really think about it, I just ran straight to the pan on the cooker to take it off the hob and turned the gas off.

“I could hardly see, it was so smokey.”

Husband John had called 999 when he heard Noreen, 68, shout before charging next door. He promptly threw the phone at neighbour Sue Cope to talk to emergency services while he chased after his wife.

Noreen said: “It was madness. Usually when I am shouting at my husband he takes no notice of me.

“We helped pull the old man out of the front door and got him sat on a chair outside. He was very shaken up.”

Sue, who had used a spare key to get into the property, praised the fire service for sending four engines to the scene at around lunchtime yesterday afternoon.

She said: “It all happened so quickly, but the most important thing is he is fine.I dread to think what would have happened if we had been out.”

The man was treated for smoke inhalation, but was uninjured. Noreen added: “Once I knew he was OK, I said to him, ‘I think you overcooked your sausages’.”