Heroic bar staff save man from burning car

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Brave bar staff from a city night club saved the life of an unconscious driver after his car crashed and burst into flames.

Heroes Alan Hogan, Tom Adams and Adam Freeman raced to save the driver after the BMW he was driving came off the road and smashed into a street post in Lower Twelfth Street at around 5.30am last Sunday morning.

An injured passenger managed to struggle free from the burning wreckage, but the driver remained inside and inches from the flames.

Fortunately the quick-thinking bar staff of Groove saw the crash and raced to help.

Tom, 23, said: “We were just getting ready to go home at the end of the night. It was our late opening night. I heard a car and suddenly there was a massive bang – like a bomb went off. I looked outside and saw the car on fire.

“I quickly grabbed two fire extinguishers and ran out the door. I shouted at the others that something serious had happened and they needed to help. Adrenaline took over.

“We got over there and there were people standing around not doing anything. People were screaming and said we shouldn’t get too close to the car because it could have exploded.

“We could see lots of blood all over the air bags and saw the man unconscious. But we managed to get him out.”

The fearless trio put the man in the recovery position and waited for the emergency services to arrive. Once they did, they simply left the scene and went home.

“I got on my motorbike and drove home, very slowly,” added Tom, from Coffee Hall. “I have been thinking about it every day since, but not many people know what happened.

“I don’t know how the two men are doing but I really hope they are OK.”