Hi-de-HEAVE ordeal on Butlins holiday


A furious gran is suing Butlins over a holiday camp hell which resulted in her and her grandaughter becoming violently ill.

Joyce Millar saved money from her pension for three years to pay £800 for a week’s all-inclusive stay in Bognor Regis.

But the dream holiday turned to a nightmare when Joyce and nine-year-old granddaughter Molly were among a couple of hundred guests to be struck down by severe vomiting.

“People were being sick everywhere. The loos were covered in it – it was disgusting,” said the 72-year-old who lives in Bletchley.

On the third day she and her family were “ordered” to leave the site and return home by a Butlins official.

“He stood outside the restaurant with a clipboard telling anybody who was sick that they had to leave immediately. We had no choice but to get in the car and come home. It took several days before we felt well again.” she said.

Despite dozens of letters, Joyce has never been given a refund for the holiday.

Now she has joined forces with 213 other Butlins guests to sue the holiday camp giants through specialist lawyers Irwin Mitchell.

The company has this week started court proceedings after an official denial of liability from Butlins’ parent company Bourne Leisure Ltd over the sickness outbreak, which happened in 2011.

An Irwin Mitchell spokesman said guests claimed food was undercooked and sometimes left uncovered in the restaurant.

There are also allegations that hot food was seen being mixed with cold food and flies were seen around it.

There was a “sewage smell” around parts of the resort and on occasions a “failure to maintain cleanliness”, claimed the spokesman.

He added: “Our clients have been left with no other option than to issue court proceedings to seek justice for their ruined holidays.”

Said Joyce: “I’m hoping it will be successful and we’ll at least get our money back, if not compensation. If we do I’ll treat my family to another holiday. but I certainly won’t be at Butlins.”

A spokesman for Butlins at Bognor Regis said: “We will robustly defend this speculative action raised at the High Court in Birmingham.

“We operate our resorts to the highest health and safety standards and work closely with the Health and Safety Executive to ensure that our guests’ safety takes priority.”