'˜Hidden' mum found weak and emaciated in her own home in Milton Keynes

The shocking case of a 29-year-old disabled mum discovered emaciated and neglected in her own home has sparked an investigation by Milton Keynes' safeguarding experts.

Monday, 4th December 2017, 5:42 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 10:13 am

Social services were alerted after the woman’s young son told his teacher he had not seen his mother for three months - despite living in the same house.

A report published last week describes how a social worker visited the family home in Milton Keynes and discovered the mum, known only as ‘Adult A’, in an appalling state.

She was “severely underweight, dehydrated and very weak,” states the report, prepared by the Milton Keynes Adult Safeguarding Board.

The woman, disabled with a chronic neurological disorder that affects her muscles and movement, shared the house with her husband and two children who are now aged nine and 10.

Another woman had moved into the house 18 months previously and became Adult A’s main “carer.”

The report describes how the mum was immediately taken to hospital to be treated for dehydration.

“Adult A improved nutritionally and so recovery went well. She received regular physiotherapy,” it states.

A lengthy safeguarding investigation was launched to discover whether city agencies missed opportunities to identify concerns about abuse and neglect before Adult A’s plight was discovered.

The report revealed members of the public had reported worries about her health, and advises advises improved inter-agency communication and training about potential domestic abuse

Adult A is now “well supported” by local agencies.

She recovered well after months of hospital treatment and rehabilitation. Her mobility has improved and she is able to see her eldest child every two months.

The younger child, aged nine, was the son of Adult A’s husband from a previous partner. He is now living away from his dad in foster care arranged by MK Council.

A Milton Keynes Safeguarding Board spokesman said: “Whilst this was a very serious situation, when alerted to the concerns about Adult A all agencies acted quickly to ensure she was safeguarded. Adult A remains well supported. Given the seriousness of the concerns for her welfare at the time Milton Keynes Safeguarding Board commissioned a review of all agencies’ involvement with Adult A to determine if the abuse could have been prevented, and what learning we could take from what happened to improve practice in the future. The review highlighted some areas for improvement across the partnership agencies and these have been monitored by the Board.

Call 999 if you think an adult is in immediate danger of abuse. If unsure, call the Adult Social Care Access Team on 01908 253772 to discuss your concerns.