High speed baby delivered by nan on the bathroom floor

Corinne Neenan (mum) 'Freiya (baby)'Karen McCrory (gran)
Corinne Neenan (mum) 'Freiya (baby)'Karen McCrory (gran)

A DOTING nan became an emergency midwife when her baby grandaughter made an unexpected entry into the world.

Proud Karen McCrory delivered 8lb 6oz Freiya Neenan in the middle of a bathroom floor while listening to telephone instructions from a 999 operator.

Mum Corinne, who was nine days late, had announced she was in labour just over an hour earlier but, after an epic five day labour with her first child, thought she had plenty of time to get to hospital.

Her mum and dad where staying for a few days to help husband Mike look after their four year old son Lucasz at the couple’s Monkston home.

“It was all quite calm. I decided to follow the advice for early labour and take Paracetamol and have a warm bath,” she said.

When the contractions became more frequent, Mike called the labour ward and was advised to bring his wife in.

“It was still relaxed. Mike, mum and dad were getting the bags in the car and looking after Lucasz while I got myself dressed and ready to go in,” said Corinne.

“It was only when Mike came into the bathroom to say we were ready to go that I realised I actually wasn’t going anywhere. The baby was on its way and it was not going to wait.”

Instinctively Corinne dropped to her hands and knees on the bathroom floor while Mike and Karen hastily called an ambulance.

Freiya was born with just one push - right into the waiting hands of her grandmother.

Said 56-year-old Karen: “It was absolutely terrifying but it was also the best experience in the world.”

Paramedics arrived within minutes and pronounced littler Freiya perfectly healthy.

Lucasz, who was watching cartoons downstairs with his grandad , was delighted to presented with a baby sister before he set off to school.

Said Corinne, who is a Slimming World consultant: “My mum has always said she wanted to see a baby being born - but none of us expected she’d deliver her own grandchild.

“But it was lovely and I’m sure the pair of them will always have a special bond from now on.”