High voting turnout resulted in slim Tory victory in Milton Keynes

A higher than average turnout of voters in Milton Keynes resulted in the city's two Tory MPs retaining their seats by a whisker.

Friday, 9th June 2017, 1:34 pm
Updated Friday, 9th June 2017, 1:40 pm

Almost 71 per cent of the voting population made their mark, compared to 68.7 per cent nationally.

And it was significantly higher then the 66 per cent turn out of the last general election two years ago.

Last night’s result saw sitting MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart both win with almost identical but much-reduced majorities.

Iain scooped almost 30,000 votes in MK South, with a majority of just 1,725 over Labour candidate Hannah O’Neill.

At the last general election, he had romped home with 8,672 more votes than his opponent.

Meanwhile Mark was voted in for his fourth term with a majority of 1,915 over Labour’s MK North candidate Charlynne Pullen.

“It’s bigger than the majority I had when I was first elected in 2005. That was 1,665!” he said.“It was a little anxious, but it was pretty clear from early in the evening that we were going to win – it was just a case of how many votes we would win by.”

Mark added: “I’m honoured to be re-elected for my fourth term. We have achieved so much in MK and the priority now must be to sort Brexit out to ensure we continue our thriving economy here”.

He scoffed rumours that there could be another election in six months’ time due to the hung parliament.

“There’s no chance,” he said.