Holes aren’t making Jon potty – he’s fixing them

Jon outside his house fixing the pothole
Jon outside his house fixing the pothole

A MAN who is fed up with pot holes on the road outside his home has done something about it himself.

Jon Gregory, who lives in Simpson, took the action himself not in a stand against the council but to help them along the way.

He said: “The problem is right outside my house and affects me, my family and friends every time they pull up outside my house.

“The thing is the council have a huge job on their hands trying to sort out every single one so I thought why wait when I can do the job myself?”

Jon is looking to be a part of The Big Society as planned by the Government and is hoping that others take a similar, positive attitude and do the same.

He said: “The council do a good job on the roads and highways around the city and I know people out there will be saying that we pay council tax for them to fix them but that is a negative opinion.

“The pothole problem is not one that is going to go away quickly, at least not across the whole city, so I say we all do what we can to help them out because otherwise we will be spending out a lot more on our cars when they are damaged by driving over them.”

Problems with potholes around the city have been a major talking point over the last two years and with two harsh winters in a row the problems have surfaced again this year.

But rather than wait for the council to get to his street, Jon decided to tackle the problem himself.

He said: “People are always moaning about the state of the roads but what’s to stop you nipping down to Wickes, buying a bag of tarmac and doing the job yourself?

“It will be much cheaper than new shock absorbers and it is a problem that is instantly fixed.”