Holidaying pensioner who was ‘feared dead’ had front door smashed in by police

A fund set up in the wake of the Shoreham air disaster has received more than �15,000
A fund set up in the wake of the Shoreham air disaster has received more than �15,000

A disabled pensioner faces being housebound for weeks after police smashed down her front door thinking she could be dead.

The blunder meant Benita Angeloni returned from a trip to her daughter’s home to find her door in smithereens.

Now she has been told it will take the council up to six weeks to replace it - because a new door and frame has to be specially made.

Her son Robert said: “The council say she has to use the back gate in the meantime. But my mother has to use crutches - and the back gate leads to an overgrown verge with a six foot climb to get on to the road.

“How they expect a 70-year-old woman on crutches to manage that is a mystery to me. Meanwhile my mother is more or less housebound. Goodness knows what would happen if there was a fire and she needed to get out quickly.”

Robert has complained to MK council to no avail.

A council spokesman said: “Mrs Angeloni had left her home in Horners Croft, Greenleys, for a few days to stay with her daughter in Staines. She uses a pendant alarm so informed the community alarm company.

But a worried neighbour called the police when he had not seen her for a couple of days.

Said Robert: “Police tried to call the council to check with the community alarm people but there was no reply apparently. So they decided to force and entry.

“They didn’t just break in gently -they smashed down the whole door.”

MK Council is now liaising with police to check they have the correct details for the city’s community alarm service, which is manned constantly and answers calls within seconds.