Home care services for the elderly and disabled will improve in Milton Keynes, promise councillors

Councillor Nigel Long ENGPNL00120130703104130
Councillor Nigel Long ENGPNL00120130703104130

Elderly or disabled people needing home care have been promised their carers will no longer be forced to rush through their tasks.

Milton Keynes council this week adopted an Ethical Care Charter to improve the service.

They will now only use care companies who treat their employees well and pay them the living wage.

Councillor Nigel Long, Cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “We believe that elderly and disabled people in our community deserve the best possible level of homecare to help them live independently and with dignity.

“In order to make this happen homecare workers need to be treated fairly and decently so they can do their jobs to the best of their ability.”

This means care companies must now schedule visits to carers are not forced to rush their time or their clients. They should also allocate clients the same familiar homecare workers whenever possible.

Each year 480,000 hours of care is provided to people in Milton Keynes.

This equates to 720,000 visits, with some visits being only minutes long.

The care charter, which was drawn up by UNISON, was officially adopted by the council on Monday.

It applies to the council’s own services as well as private and voluntary companies.

Council leader Pete Marland said: “Care workers are true modern heroes and should be highly valued for the work they do.”