Home HIV tests now available in MK

Health news.
Health news.

Almost three in every 1,000 people living in Milton Keynes has HIV.

The shocking statistic has been revealed as a sampling kit becomes available for the first in history - allowing people to test themselves at home.

With the kit a person can take a simple finger prick blood test, and send it to a laboratory for results within 5 working days, and get subsequent support with a confidential clinical service.

Testing and having an early diagnosis, leading to early treatment, gives people the best chance at living a healthy life, for longer, and also reduces the risk of passing on the infection to someone else unknowingly.

Muriel Scott, Director of Public Health at Milton Keynes Council said: “Although improving, we have an unacceptably high rate of late HIV diagnosis in Milton Keynes.

“This simple home-sampling kit will help with early diagnosis so we can help people get the treatment they need.”

Commenting on the launch of the new service, Dr Anthony Nardone, Consultant Epidemiologist at Public Health England said: “We are delighted to work with so many local authorities on such an innovative project that for the first time will provide HIV home-sampling to the most at risk adult populations across England.”

“It is anticipated that this approach will be of huge benefit to individuals and help tackle the high rates of HIV in this country.”

A council spokesman said: “Milton Keynes Council is encouraging those at higher risk of HIV, such as men who have sex with men or men and women from black African communities, to request a home sampling kit now, via FreeTesting.hiv