Homeless estate agent sleeps in a car with her kids

Irene Moffat and her four children are homeless.
Irene Moffat and her four children are homeless.

An estate agent has been forced to sleep in a car with her teenage daughters after being left homeless.

On Monday Irene Moffat was ordered to leave a city hotel by Milton Keynes Council and now faces having her youngest children taken into care.

“They are forcing my family apart,” said the mum-of-four, who claims she can’t afford to rent privately.

“I never thought for a second this would happen to us.”

After losing her job at a homeless shelter in 2013, Ms Moffat found herself with £4,000 worth of rent arrears and was thrown out of a previous property by the landlord.

Now, after spending over £4,000 towards seven months’ B & B accommodation at Church House Hotel in Gifford Park, Ms Moffat claims she has been forced out.

All she wants is to be considered for affordable housing. But last month the council denied her homeless application, and gave her just one month to find a new home for her family.

She said: “My two boys wanted to sleep in the car with us so we were together, but social services threatened to take them away.I grew up in foster care and was failed by the system. Over my dead body will theytake my kids from me.

“Despite what the council says I did not intend to make myself homeless because I don’t want to lose my job.

“My friends say they don’t know how I haven’t had a nervous breakdown. I am at breaking point.”

After being approached by the Citizen the council said it offered to ‘shelter’ Ms Moffat for an extra two days while she found somewhere else.

But the 39-year-old claims this wasn’t true – and when she went back to the council to ask for two more days staff sent her away.

A council spokesman said: “We have been advising Ms Moffat about the options open to her and are committed to working with her to ensure the children have a roof over their heads.

“We did offer a further two days temporary accommodation while we help Ms Moffat make longer term arrangements, so we would invite her to come back in and complete that process with us.”