Homeless family moving to Birmingham - to free up room for Rugby World Cup fans

Dougan family
Dougan family

A homeless family staying at a city Travelodge are being moved to Birmingham – to free up accommodation for Rugby World Cup fans.

Gina Dougan, husband Peter and their three young children, were initially moved to Cambridge after being evicted from their three-bed house in Heelands.

But the counc il was forced to find them a home in Milton Keynes after the Citizen revealed their plight – and that the family were living off cookies from a vending machine because they were eight miles from the nearest food shop.

“I haven’t stopped crying,” said Gina.

“Thanks to the Citizen, the council said they would let us stay in Milton Keynes for a couple of weeks but then they are moving us out again.

“They say it’s because all the hotels round here are chockablock because of the Rugby World Cup – but it’s only for three matches.

“My eldest daughter has to go and stay with my mum because the council have moved us into one room in a Travelodge. She thinks that we have kicked her out of the family.”

The Dougans were made homeless when their landlord moved in other tenants –despite being able to pay their rent. From Monday, September 21, they will have to move 70 miles north to a Travelodge at Birmingham Airport.

“This is our lives and yet we have to move all the way to Birmingham just as the kids start school. I have begged and pleaded with the council, but they just don’t seem to listen to what I am saying.”

Last week the Citizen highlighted MK’s homelessness crisis which has reached breaking point with more than 400 people currently staying in budget hotels, hostels and B&Bs miles from Milton Keynes.

And Gina hit out at reports that the council leader Peter marland is welcoming refugees to the city.

“I think it is absolutely disgusting,” she said.

“The council cannot do anything to help people who have lived here all their lives.

“Don’t get me wrong, those people’s lives must be unimaginable, but the council should be helping us first.

“I’m just so worried about my kids growing up in MK – they don’t stand a chance.”

A spokesman said Milton Keynes Council is currently “exploring other housing options” 
for the Dougan family.