Homeless man found dead outside MK church

Tony Porter
Tony Porter

A homeless man has been found dead outside the entrance of a city church.

Tony Porter is believed to have been seeking cover under the roof of the Church of Christ the Cornerstone before he was discovered by a pastor yesterday morning.

He was often seen sleeping rough in the area and would usually eat at the church on Saxon Gate.

Simon Lowson, business manager of the Cornerstone, told the Citizen: “I knew Tony from coming to use our services over the years.

“He was a nice, vulnerable guy. He was very shy and timid.

“It is amazing how close all of us are to being homeless, having lost everything.”

So far £600 has been raised on a justgiving page to pay for Tony’s funeral.

His cousin, Jodie Hill, said: “Tony has had a difficult life and I know a lot of people have tried to help him along the way and to those people as a family we couldn’t be more grateful.

“However I know I would like to believe that maybe now he is with the people he truly loved and missed for far too long, and will start a fresh in another life.”

Mr Lowson says his church has pastoral workers on hand to offer individuals advice or basic counselling. They also have a cafe on site and supply free tea, coffee and soup.

He added: “Throughout winter you notice more people coming to the church for help, or in search of food.

“The council cuts always end up hurting the most vulnerable and there are so many services that have had to scale back.

“Those people were there to help others get back on track. If they’re not there, then the problem is exacerbated.”

Mr Porter, 33, was pronounced dead at the scene by a paramedic from South Central Ambulance service.

A spokesman from MK Coroner’s said: “We are in the preliminary stages of our investigations.

“We do not yet know if there would actually be an inquest in this case.”