Homeless Milton Keynes family left living among huddle of dead rats

The dead rats
The dead rats

A homeless family put in temporary accommodation by Milton Keynes Council found themselves with some unwelcome guests - in the form of dozens of RATS.

Barbara and Keith Jones and their five children noticed a funny smell in the bathroom of their Conniburrow house.

Family say live rats have also infested the ceiling and keep their children awake

Family say live rats have also infested the ceiling and keep their children awake

They peeped behind the bath panel, only to find a huge huddle of dead rats.

“It was disgusting,” said Barbara. “But then it got even worse when we realised live rats were scrabbling around in the ceiling space above our bedrooms.

“The place is infested with them. We’ve had pest control around but it hasn’t done any good at all.”

The family lives on Keith’s wages as a lorry driver and claim no benefits. They became homeless after leaving their previous privately rented house on Netherfield because they claim it was in such a state of disrepair that it was not fit to live in.

Dead rats under the bath

Dead rats under the bath

“The council accepted us as priority one and put us here. It’s classed as temporary but we could be here for years because there are no other houses available in MK,” said Barbara.

“We can’t afford the massive deposits needed by private landlords and letting agencies so we’re stuck here – with a load of rats.”

Barbara and Keith used a litter picker tool and rubber gloves to reach under the bath and fish out a couple of the dead rats.

But the rest are unreachable they say, and can only be removed by taking down the ceiling underneath the bathroom.

“At least these rats are dead. The live ones are more of a problem because the noise of them scurrying around keeps my children awake,” said Barbara, whose children are seven, nine, 11, 12 and 14.

The house, which is in Bramble Avenue, is privately owned but leased by the council specifically to use for homeless families.

A council spokesman said: “Further treatment has taken place with a private company and they’re continuing to monitor and tackle the source. We have spoken to the letting agent again and Mrs Jones appears ok with the action being taken, however we have advised that if this cannot be resolved we will look at offering alternative accommodation.”

He added: “We need to monitor further. For now we’re confident we have the rats under control.”