‘Homelessness cripples lives’: Council report pushes for intervention


MK Council has published a report on homelessness in CMK - just days after a rough sleeper was found dead on the city’s streets.

A group of councillors tasked with finding solutions to the growing homelessness problem today revealed their findings.

They say homelessness is on the increase in Milton Keynes, but there are many organisations and individuals seeking to help.

They added that an “establishment of an independent ‘umbrella’ organisation” is necessary to oversee and co-ordinate the work of charities dedicated to alleviating homelessness in MK.

As revealed in this week’s Citizen, Councillor Chris Williams, chairman of the homelessness task and finish group, is urging the cabinet to pay £100,000 towards the so-called one-stop-shop for the homeless.

There are currently dozens of rough sleepers across MK and up to 2,500 vulnerable people on the brink of being homeless.

Mr Williams said: “We are grateful to all those who made such positive contributions to this report.

“This report will now go to be discussed at Milton Keynes Council’s Cabinet meeting on Monday, March 14.

“The meeting starts at 6.30pm. There is always the opportunity for members of the public to speak at a Cabinet meeting, so please come and take time to emphasize to the Cabinet just how homelessness cripples lives and how important it is to find real and lasting solutions.

“Your input to date has been welcomed, and much appreciated, by the Task & Finish Group, so please attend the Cabinet meeting and add your voices to theirs.“

A day of engagement was planned between council members and rough sleepers, but the event was cancelled following the news of tragic Tony Porter’s death.

His lifeless body was found outside the Church of Christ the Cornerstone on Monday.