Homelessness crisis: Chancellor to visit Milton Keynes?

Homelessness crisis
Homelessness crisis

Chancellor George Osborne is to be invited to Milton Keynes to meet the bed and breakfast families caught in the city’s homelessness crisis.

Cabinet member for housing, Councillor Hannah O’Neill, is due to make the proposal at tonight’s full council meeting.

It is understood that Lib Dems will vote the Tory government-knocking motion through.

Councillor O’Neill is expected to make an impassioned speech about homelessness.

Her motion reads: “Homelessness is inevitably increasing for both families and individuals with Milton Keynes Council placing more families than ever into temporary accommodation at a cost of over £1million a year...a human cost to those families on the frontline is incalculable.”

Ms O’Neill is urging the council to write to the Chancellor and both local MPs asking them to meet MK bed and breakfast families “to explain their decisions”.

This week Conservative MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart say they have already raised the housing crisis with the relevant ministers as “the situation in the city continues to worsen”.