Homelessness crisis: Right to Buy versus Rent to Own

Homelessness crisis
Homelessness crisis

Right to Buy should be replaced by Brighthouse-style Rent to Own in Milton Keynes - that’s the view of Lib Dem councillors.

They are seeking to vote the proposal through at tonight’s full council meeting.

Rent To Own would be similar to the existing shared ownership system, but could mean extra revenue for Milton Keynes Council.

Proposing the scheme is Lib Dem councillor Chris Williams who is due to blast the government’s plans to extend right to buy by selling off the most expensive council housing stock.

His motion states: “This fails to address the situation in areas of high housing demand where there are often few suitable sites to build replacement social housing stock.

The shortage of affordable rented homes in Milton Keynes is currently estimated to be at least 150.

However, this is expected to rise to 1,000 in the next three years.

Ahead of speaking at tonight’s meeting, Councillor Alex Walker said he believes Right to Buy is the “best Conservative policy in the last century”.

He said: “Families from across the country aspire to have the security of owning their own home and the council needs to do all it can to create an environment where people can fulfil that dream.

“We need to build more homes and allow more people to own their own homes.

“The government is doing this - the council should step up to the challenge of delivering right to buy.”