Hope for MKFM as Iain debates FM licences

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MP Iain Stewart has given hope to local radio stations such as MKFM after a Parliamentary debate on Friday.

The debate, on the way Ofcom provides local community FM licences, came after a meeting with MKFM programme director, Chris Gregg.

Community radio was first introduced in 2004 and is designed to be run by volunteers and bring community benefits such as training and community news.

Mr Stewart said: “We are lucky in Milton Keynes to have a really good local media. We have good newspapers, magazines and regional radio. MKFM as a community radio, has been doing extremely well on digital and I think they deserve and are capable of offering a service on FM. I hope that this debate will trigger a look into the application process.

Mr Gregg, said: “MKFM has been campaigning for an FM community radio licence since 2011 because we believe MK is an important city with a unique identity which should have its own dedicated radio station.

“Our main obstacle has been the very slow application process which has put us at the back of the queue for licences. ”

Darren Dorrington, commerical director for MKFM, said: “MKFM has converted many listeners over to DAB Radio, it’s essential we reach everyone through all available platforms.

“We are grateful to Iain Stewart for raising the licensing process in Parliament and hope this will lead to us being able to apply for an FM licence sooner rather than later.