Horticulture centre grows at college

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Students with learning difficulties and disabilities will soon have more help in leading independent lives thanks to a new Horticultural Centre.

The new facility, opened at the Chaffron Way Campus of Milton Keynes College, will give students the chance to learn independent living and enterprise skills.

Any produce grown by them will be sold at the Student Union-run student shop and used in the Refectory.

Mark Eustace, Project Director at Milton Keynes College, said: “This facility is not just for the college, but for the wider community as well. It’s been built to last and will stand the test of time as a good investment for Milton Keynes.”

Adam Pasco, who launched and edited BBC Gardener’s World magazine for 22 years, as well as judging BBC Gardener of the Year, spoke at the launch.

He had some words of wisdom to pass on to the next generation of students at the college

Adam said: “Horticulture can unlock a lot of different doors. It helps you learn new skills, it helps you to be proud of your achievements and it gives you confidence. Horticulture is creative, and teaches you to be caring, patient and nurturing.

“When we come back next year, this won’t be just a horticultural centre, it will be a centre of productivity.

“I’m looking forward to watching the same doors that opened for me open for the people who will really use the Centre.”