Hospital apologises for discharge error

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A WOMAN had to be rushed back to Milton Keynes Hospital after a scan was misread and she was sent home.

Carol-Ann Wilson, from Akeley near Buckingham, was suffering from chest pains on Friday so went to A&E where she waited for several hours before being seen.

But Carol-Ann was sent home that night after being told there was nothing wrong and told she she had an infection which could be cured with a prescription for antibiotics.

However, she was given the fright of her life when police called on Sunday.

“They told me not to leave the house and that an ambulance was rushing its way to me,” she said. “I thought it was my daughter joking with me. But the ambulance arrived shortly afterwards.

“I was really scared and I wondered what was wrong. It was a relief to be sent home, but then to have this was just awful.”

The hospital later revealed her scans did in fact reveal an underlying heart problem, and an urgent appointment was made for her at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Carol-Ann said: “Having spent so much time at the hospital, I am furious that they managed to get it so wrong. Anything could have happened to me.”

A spokesman from the hospital apologised for the mistake, and said that the use of police in these situations was common practice

He said: “The patient saw a doctor in A&E and various tests were carried out.

“These raised no initial concerns and the patient was allowed home.

“However, further analysis suggested it may be helpful to carry out more tests.

“In line with our procedures, the hospital attempted to contact the patient immediately and she was bought back to the hospital for those additional tests to be carried out.

“We apologise to the patient for any inconvenience caused.”