Hospital has ‘listened to parents’ and improved children’s health care

Milton Keynes Hospital
Milton Keynes Hospital

HOSPITAL bosses have worked with the parents of three children who died in their care to help improve their paediatric wards.

The parents of Harry Mould, Calvin Prentice-Aucock and Mia Elcock met with staff after inquests into their deaths revealed shortcomings by Milton Keynes Hospital which could have saved their lives.

Following Mia’s death in September 2011, and subsequent inquest in October this year, parents of all three children told the Citizen they felt the hospital should be working with them to ensure that nothing like that could ever happen again.

Coroner Tom Osbourne requested a report from the hospital be submitted by Tuesday, December 18 outlining the improvements made as a result of Mia’s death, something which the hospital has already sent through.

Martin Wetherill, medical director at Milton Keynes Hospital, said that vast improvements have been made at the hospital, particularly when it comes to taking on board advice from parents.

“We have met with the families of Mia, Harry Mould and Calvin Prentice-Aucock,” he said. “Listening to these families has given us an invaluable insight into their experiences. We are very grateful to these families for working with us.

“Since Mia’s death, the Trust has made significant improvements to its children’s services. We will be spending an additional £1.5m this year to improve paediatric services. As well as changes we have already made, this money is funding opening paediatric A&E 24 hours a day from January 2013.

“A number of changes are being made as the result of specific learning from Mia’s case. These include a strong focus on staff training and compliance with Trust processes for caring for seriously ill children, ensuring we have a robust system in place for learning from incidents and involving the families in the process and effective communications, not only between professionals but also between staff and families.”