Hospital is liable for death of boy

Harry Mould
Harry Mould

THE cash-strapped hospital is employing a £200 an hour barrister for two weeks to defend itself at an inquest into the death of five-year-old Harry Mould.

Yet Trust bosses have already admitted liability for Harry’s death and confirmed they will be paying compensation.

The letter, written by London solicitors Capsticks, was sent last week, days before the inquest was due to open.

Little Harry, one of twins, died two years and nine months ago after being admitted to Milton Keynes Hospital with breathing problems.

He was diagnosed with an asthma attack and treated with oxygen and nebulisers .

But after doctors stopped the treatment his condition deteriorated on the ward.

Harry collapsed in his mother Odette’s arms and turned blue. Despite being resuscitated and rushed to a specialist hospital in Leicester, he was declared brain dead two days later.

His parents claim he was not checked regularly by hospital staff and not given medication when he needed it. They claim the hospital did not keep them fully informed and have employed their own barrister to make sure their questions are answered at the inquest. But the last minute admission of liability means they will not be able to claim back their barrister’s costs, said their solicitor Gary Williams from Osborne Morris and Morgan.

Instead, in any ensuing civil case, they will be entitled to standard bereavement compensation of £11,800 – barely enough to cover the legal bill.

Odette, who, with husband Lee, set up Harry’s Rainbow charity to support other bereaved parents and siblings, said: “It is a blow.

“No amount of money will bring our son back, but we had hoped to have some left for Harry’s Rainbow,” she said.

Meanwhile the hospital is employing barrister Christina Lambert to state its case.

A hospital spokesman said this week: “Milton Keynes Hospital wishes to express its sincere and deepest condolences for the loss of Harry Mould.

“The inquest into Harry’s death began yesterday.

“We are unable to make further comment until the Coroner has announced his verdict,” the spokesman added.

Ironically this apology, through the Citizen, is the first the Moulds have received.