Hospital is taken to the High Court by angry surgeon

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Hard-up Milton Keynes hospital has been forced to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on a legal battle with a suspended surgeon.

Talib Al-Mishlab was suspended almost four years ago after complaints from his patients.

Now he has taken the hospital trust to the High Court claiming wrongful dismissal.

Both parties are still awaiting the judges’ resolution after last month’s week-long case. But if the surgeon wins, it could cost the hospital another huge sum.

Colorectal specialist Mr Al-Mishlab, who was suspended on full pay for much of the time, is believed to be furious that the hospital did not let him work fully again.

He was cleared by the General Medical Council of major wrong-doing in 2013, though an order was made that he could only carry out colorectal surgery under supervision.

A source said; “It’s been a fiasco. Now the hospital spent a fortune on barristers when that cash would have been better used on patients.”

A hospital spokesman: confirmed Mr al-Mishlab is still employed and paid by the Milton Keynes Hospital Trust.

But the surgeon is currently on “restricted practice” and not undertaki ng clinical activities.

The spokesman said: “The Trust cannot confirm costs of court proceedings as they are still ongoing”.