Hospital’s first triplets share 30th anniversary

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Meet Milton Keynes Hospital’s very first triple success story – in the form of the Brinklow triplets.

The tiny triplets were born shortly after the hospital opened 30 years ago.

They owe their lives to the neonatal department, where they stayed in incubators for the first weeks of their lives.

Today, all fighting fit and with children of their own, they are delighted to share the hospital’s 30th bithday celebrations.

The trio hit the headlines on July 19 1984 when mum Belinda delivered Lorna, Amy and Jason two months early by caesarian section .

Today Lorna said: “We were all tiny, though Amy was the samllest at just 2lb 2oz. But we all thrived and were ready to go home after two months.”

The city’s first triplets soon gathered a fan club and Belinda was stopped in the street whereever she went.

When the babies outgrew their pram, a local company solved the pushchair problem by welding three buggies together.

“We were always very close and we liked to be close together. In fact, we still are today,” said Lorna, who lives on Leadenhall.

She speaks to Amy, who lives in Fenny Stratford, at least twice a day and neither sister can go more than a couple of days without talking to Jason, who lives in Stony Stratford.

On the day Laura announced she was pregnant with her first child, Amy screamed: “But so am I!”

The pair gave birth to daughters just days apart.

So far the triplets have seven children between them – but no twins or triplets.

Mum Belinda, who lives on Springfield, went on to have two more single births – then a set of twin boys when the triplets were 12.

“We were a big and noisy family but it was great. We loved every minute of it,” said Lorna.

Her love of babies inspired her to become a neonatal hearing screener at Milton Keynes Hospital, working yards away from where she was born.

A hospital spokesman said: “Neonatal unit lead nurse Karen Rice said: “ In our 3oth anniversary year, it’s lovely to know that Lorna was not only one of the first set of triplets born at the hospital – but that she’s now working here, and with newborns too! We’re grateful to Lorna, Jason and Amy for marking this occasion by fundraising for our neonatal unit – which will help us care for many more babies in the future.”